Ready to Follow God

Ready to Follow God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Like many people today, some Israelites must have wanted their lives to be more predictable. They probably wanted to know what to expect from day to day. How long would they stay in each place? When would they leave? Where would they go?

But God wanted to teach them that He would not tell them what was going to happen in advance. They had to be ready to move “when the cloud was lifted.” That could be in the morning or evening. They might stay in a place “two days or a month or a year” (v. 22). They could not predict what would happen in the future. Every day was a new day, and every situation was fresh.

This same principle applies to you. You might want to know more about what will happen in the future, especially with the uncertainties created by recent political and health crises. You may want to plan your life and know when your prayers will be answered or when things will change. All God promises is that He will lead you every day. Each day is a new experience with Him.

Be ready to obey Him and follow Him today, no matter where He leads. He may have directed you in some ways in the past, but this does not mean that He will lead you in the same way in the future. Seek Him every day for His fresh Word for you.