Ready to Do More

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Throughout the Law, God prescribed rules that were to govern the life of His people. These included details about when offerings were to be made and what specific items could be offered. However, some people probably were tempted to do as little as possible.

But some officers felt compelled to do more than was required. They looked at the problems they’d experienced and realized that God had protected them, provided for them, and blessed them. They could not wait for the designated times and places for making an offering. So they told Moses they wanted to bring a special offering to show their gratitude.

Sadly, many people go through life content with the minimum effort—doing as little as possible. This is how they approach their jobs, resources, and opportunities.

Many look at their relationship with God in the same way. They don’t make Bible reading a priority. Although they consider themselves Christians, they aren’t willing to leave all to follow Jesus. Their priorities are dominated by their personal pleasures and interests.

But some people feel compelled to take extra steps. Their hearts overflow with gratitude. They are eager to show God how much they love Him and are thankful for all He has done for them. They go beyond the minimum and look for ways to do more.

Such people enter into a new dimension. They realize that God wants to have an intimate personal relationship with them. They are so grateful that they want to give to Him generously and freely from what He has given them.

Today, think about all that God has done for you! Make a commitment to give Him your best.