Ready to Be Tested

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Queen of Sheba had doubts. Although she had heard of Solomon’s reputation for great wisdom, the reports seemed so improbable that she decided to investigate for herself.

Rather than coming for a polite social visit, the queen came to “test” Solomon. The Hebrew word here indicates that her goal was to try Solomon, examine his response to her questions, and force him to prove the accuracy of his reputation.

How did she do this? In part with “difficult questions.” The Hebrew word here indicates that these questions could have been riddles or puzzles that would trick him or stretch his mind. They also could have been deep philosophical questions with no clear answers. Or she may have challenged him by asking questions that could have been considered “too hard” (v. 2 NIV).

We also know that the Queen of Sheba came to Jerusalem with a caravan loaded with riches, ready to impress Solomon. She gave him gifts or offerings to show him honor.

Solomon was ready for her questions, and he passed every test. After hearing his answers and seeing the splendor of Jerusalem, she was “breathless” and “overwhelmed” (NIV). She initially had doubted the reports, but what she witnessed far surpassed what she had heard.

Solomon demonstrated the importance of a good reputation that can be backed up. In our lives, too, we must realize that we will be tested. Other people will observe how we live and want to know if we can answer their questions.

Ask God to help you to be ready for the tests that come your way. Faithfully walk with Jesus, every day. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom (James 1:5), and fill your mind and heart with His Word. Be ready to defend your faith. Seek to put the principles of the Bible into practice, and be filled with the Holy Spirit.