Reaching the Lost

Reaching the Lost

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Paul’s feelings were so strong that he was not sure others would believe him. So he assured them that he was telling the truth, that he was not lying, that his conscience bore witness in the Spirit, and that he had “great sorrow and continual grief” in his heart. What was so important? The Jews’ response to the Gospel.

He even was willing to exchange his salvation for theirs. If it were possible, he would sacrifice himself on behalf of the Jews and himself be cursed by God in their stead. That was the degree of his passion.

Yes, Paul cared deeply about the Jews, “his” people. But, in fact, he also was demonstrating his commitment to God and His kingdom. He knew that the Gospel message was true, and he realized the implications for those who rejected salvation. Paul had dedicated his life and everything he had to reach people with the Gospel.

Today, God looks for people with that same kind of dedication to and that same passion for the Gospel. He looks for people whose hearts break at the thought of others going to hell without Jesus, who are willing to sacrifice that others might be saved.

Right now, ask God to search your heart and give you a passion to reach the lost. Dedicate your resources to spread the Gospel. Make it your prayer to seek Him first.