Quiet Times

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Elijah needed a word from God! Even though he had been His prophet, Elijah was running for his life, seeking to escape the pursuit of Queen Jezebel. Filled with fear, he found refuge in a cave. Previously, he had been used by God in dramatic ways, like his confrontation with the prophets of Baal. But at this moment he felt particularly vulnerable.

As he sought God, he was told that He would “pass by.” Elijah experienced a powerful wind. He might have expected God to speak in such a dramatic way, but He was not present in the wind. Elijah then experienced an earthquake and then a fire. But God was not in these mighty events. To Elijah’s surprise, His presence was in a “gentle whisper.”

Central to our Christian lives is realizing that God wants to have a personal relationship with each of us. He wants to speak to us, individually, and communicate with us. This means learning to recognize His voice.

As we mature, we learn that, most of all, He speaks through His Word. As we read, His Spirit can quicken passages, giving us amazing revelation and insight. But He also speaks in other ways. We must learn to be sensitive to His voice, and listen carefully to discern His will in quietness.

In your life, quieten your heart before God. Let Him know that you want to hear from Him. Seek to be sensitive. Fill your mind and heart with His Word. And spend time with Him in prayer, listening quietly.