Quenching the Spirit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It is a common complaint and concern: Why aren’t more “Christian” films being produced? And why do so many new television programs seem to focus on questionable content and violations of Biblical principles?

When asked these questions at a recent conference, a major Christian actor said that one of the reasons for the lack of Christian-themed content has been the negative response of many Christians. This actor described how discouraging it was to work hard to get the backing of secular business leaders and media executives, only to receive little support from Christians, and often much criticism.

This is an issue faced by people at all levels of society. It can seem so easy to be negative, and so hard to be positive. Too often, we fail to realize the impact of our critical words on others.

How many pastors have prayed and sought God about a sermon, only to face criticism from their congregations? How many Sunday school teachers have diligently prepared a lesson, only to face indifference from their classes? How many wives have worked hard on a meal or housekeeping, only to be ignored by their husbands? How many children have been diligent on a school project, only to receive disapproval from their parents?

The Bible encourages us to remember that we have choices to make, and our words and actions have an impact on others. We can spread either encouragement or discouragement. We can crush someone’s enthusiasm or inspire them to be closer to God. We can be witnesses for the Gospel or instruments of defeat. We can spread discouragement and “quench the Spirit,” or build someone up and inspire them to go deeper in their spiritual lives.

In your life, seek to be a strong witness for the Gospel. Seek to let your light shine. Be a person who consistently encourages others and builds up the Body of Christ.