Qualified for God’s Service

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

To the Jewish rulers, Peter and John were “uneducated” people without special abilities. The Greek word, used here for the only time in the Bible, indicates that they had received no official instruction. They even were considered illiterate.

They also were “untrained.” The Greek word here is the source of our English word “idiot.” They were not considered intelligent or qualified to be leaders.

Yet how could they explain the amazing things these men had done? They knew the impact of Peter’s amazing speech on the Day of Pentecost, and the thousands who responded. They knew these men preached with boldness and authority, and how many had been healed. In fact, a healed man stood beside them, providing evidence they could not deny.

The one thing that stood out was that they had “been with Jesus.” They had whatever He had.

Many people today have developed stereotypes about who can be used by God. Like those religious leaders who judged Peter and John, some assume that He only uses people who have had formal training, worldly credentials, and impressive resumes. Faced with these stereotypes, some feel intimidated and not qualified to be used by God.

But the example of Peter and John reminds us that God can use anyone. Young or old. Educated or illiterate. Rich or poor. But we cannot do this in our own strength. We need to draw on the presence of the Holy Spirit and on our personal relationship with Jesus.

Do you want to be used by God? First, seek to deepen your personal relationship with Jesus. Learn from Him. Love and study His Word, and be continually filled with the Holy Spirit. Learn to be sensitive to His presence. Let Him direct and guide you. Be confident in Him.