The Purpose of Christmas

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many in our consumer-crazed culture would be amazed to realize that the original focus of Christians celebrating Christmas was not giving gifts, engaging in parties, or even spreading good will. Rather, it was evangelism.

During the first few centuries of the Church, Believers often struggled in the midst of a hostile culture, obsessed with gods and idols, cultic rituals and revelry, and festivals and feasts.
Gradually, more people became Believers and the persecution diminished. Yet pagan customs and beliefs continued to dominate. Believers wondered how they could reach Souls for Christ. One way was to focus on the birth of Jesus and make this an event everyone could embrace.

This is a reason Christmas is celebrated on December 25. In many ancient societies, this day was set aside for pagan purposes. But Church leaders intentionally picked this day because they wanted to capture the attention of all people. As part of their goal to spread the Gospel, Christians converted these cultural customs into opportunities to focus on Jesus.

Today, Christmas still presents a great opportunity for evangelism. On the surface, many people might be focused on parties and gifts, good times and family. But the very fabric of this holiday still is a focus on Jesus. The carols declare the Gospel. The imagery, for all its commercialism, still draws our minds and hearts to the manger and the magi, the shepherds, angels, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. Churches are filled with Gospel-centered programs and the singing of timeless music.

This also is a time when many are seeking answers and asking questions. What a glorious time to share the Good News.

This Christmas season, ask God to open up doors to share your faith. Let your light shine, and tell others what Jesus has meant to you. Let them know He’s the real reason for the season.