Purpose and Well-Being

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ask yourself if you are satisfied with your life? At the end of a day, can you say that you like what you do? That you are being motivated to achieve your goals?

These are aspects of what the Gallup organization calls “purpose well-being.” This index has been developed to measure how people feel about their purpose in life. Their financial condition and health. Their social life and community.

And Gallup’s recent research has revealed how few people in the world really have a sense of “well-being” and “purpose.” From a Biblical perspective, we might wonder if they might consider a different approach: Finding what they need by serving God.

The fact is that people seek fulfillment in many ways. But the Bible tells us that only God can provide true happiness and contentment. He promises abundance and blessing to those who seek Him, and whose lives are pleasing to Him. He is ready to enable us to drink from His river of “delights.”

Unlike the world’s pleasures, His pleasures last forever. His joys continue through every stage of life.

If you struggle to find meaning and purpose, turn your heart toward the Lord. As you seek Him and submit your life to Him, the Bible promises that He will make known “the path of life.” You will realize that in His presence is “fullness of joy.” At His right hand are “pleasures forever” (Psalm 16:11).

He promised that if you will listen to Him and walk in His ways, that He will satisfy you “with honey from the rock” (Psalm 81:13-16).

Look to God. Only He can give you real purpose and well-being.