Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Christians in Ephesus had been taught the truth, but something had happened to sidetrack them. Perhaps reflecting influences from the world around them, many had developed bad habits and incorrect ideas.

To Paul, this was a serious issue. To correct this problem, he instructed Timothy to remind them of the truth. Timothy was to deliver this message with conviction and authority. But Paul wanted to be sure Timothy was motivated by love, rather than being judgmental or harsh.

Timothy himself could have become sidetracked or approached this assignment with the wrong attitude. Before he could minister effectively to others, he needed to seek God and be sure that his motives were pure. He had to be purged of self-centeredness and pride and be sure he had a “good conscience.”

This message still has important implications for every Believer. It can be so easy for us to be distracted by wrong motives. We can have sin in our lives, blocking effective ministry and tarnishing our testimony.

Each of us must seek to be pure before God…to repent of any sins…to seek to be pleasing in His sight…to be freed from self-centeredness and pride…and to make sure we’re motivated by love rather than pride or anger.

Today, ask God to convict you of any sin or habit or relationship that might be polluting your life. Let Him search your heart and mind. Confess any sins that He reveals to you. Seek to live for Him in the power of the Spirit, in obedience to His Word.

As you interact with others, ask God to give you discernment and clarity. Let Him use you to deliver correct doctrine and the truth of the Gospel—always with a heart of love and compassion.