Prudent and Proactive

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

From the moment we are born, we learn to react. We react to light and dark, to hunger and pain. Prompted by various circumstances, we may smile or cry. Through these reactions, we develop a reservoir of experiences.

Even as we grow in maturity as individuals and as Believers, we continue to react. But the Bible tells us that many of life’s problems can be anticipated, and even prevented. Those who look ahead have the opportunity to evaluate circumstances, see scenarios as they develop, and take appropriate action. This is what the Bible calls being “prudent.”

But some people do not look ahead. The Bible calls these people “simple.” They don’t recognize the evil that lies before them. They may go through temptations unnecessarily or stumble into situations that should be avoided. They may become involved with the wrong people or do the wrong thing. Even though they may have an opportunity to avoid problems, they do not take any action. Suffering the consequences of these decisions, they “pass on and are punished.”

The Bible encourages us to be proactive as we face our future. With God’s help, we often can foresee evil and “hide” ourselves. This means aggressively taking defensive action.

This also may mean making lifestyle changes. We may need to avoid reading certain publications, visiting certain websites, watching certain films or TV programs, and even thinking about certain subjects. We’re told that a wise person “guards his soul,” always alert for thorns, traps, or snares.

Today, remember that you will face many snares and temptations. Ask God to help you be prepared. Don’t wait to be a victim. In every way, seek to be prudent, proactive, and prepared.