Proving Our Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For decades, Christians had been hounded and persecuted throughout the Roman Empire. They had been accused of “atheism” (meaning that they did not worship the Roman gods).

Then, in 312 AD, Constantine, Emperor of Rome, embraced Christianity. Suddenly, Christianity gained greater acceptance, and, generally, there was an end to the persecution.

But not everyone was convinced. In fact, in 361 AD, Constantine’s nephew, Julian, became Emperor and declared that he had rejected Christianity. His intentions were so serious that he restored pagan worship throughout the Empire.

Why did he turn his back on the faith his uncle had welcomed?

Writing about Julian, a Roman historian commented, “He found from experience that no wild beasts are as hostile to men, as Christians are to each other.” In other words, when he looked at Christians, he did not see love. He saw rivalry and the quest for power.

Julian could see that the church had become rich and powerful. But he was bothered by the way these Christians lived. What he really felt was missing was genuine love.

How easily we can allow ourselves to become preoccupied with power, personal preferences, and pride, just like those who observed Julian. We need to remember that Jesus said that others would know we are Christians to the degree we love each other.

Today, remember that the world is watching you, and how you interact with others. The Bible reminds us that God wants us to let His love flow through us to everyone we meet, and particularly other Christians. Show that your faith in Jesus is genuine by loving those people around you, on your job, in your family, neighborhood, and church.