Proven and Perfect

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David discovered that God’s ways were perfect! Without any flaws or limits. They were not just partially true, but totally and completely true. His Word was “proven,” not some of the time, but all of the time and in every situation.

How could David make such bold statements? Because he had experienced these truths. He had seen how God “makes my way perfect” (v. 33).

He could look back on his life and recognize how abundantly God had blessed him. He recognized that these blessings were the direct result of pleasing God, trusting Him, and obeying Him. He knew that God was eager to bless those who lived according to His Word. He rewarded the humble, but brought down those who were haughty.

David learned that, as we trust God, He becomes our shield and our rock. He becomes the lamp that lights up any darkness and shows us the path to safety and success. He guides and protects us, even in the most threatening circumstances.

When David depended on his own resources and abilities, he might have felt inadequate or doubted that he could succeed. But when he relied on God’s strength, he could “crush an army.” He could do things that, otherwise, might seem impossible: “With my God I can scale any wall” (v. 30 NLT).

Yes, life changes for those who trust in God and walk in His ways…for those who believe His promises and make them the foundation of their lives.

The Bible promises that God is ready to provide whatever you need. He will grant you His wisdom and give you His strength and power in place of your weakness. Place your hope in Him. People may fail and disappoint you. But God is faithful. His promises are true—and they are true for you!