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The Magi followed a star, believing it would bring them to the King of the Jews. Their journey brought them to Jerusalem. But they did not know what to do next. When they asked King Herod for help, he turned to the chief priests and scribes, who gave the information the Magi needed. How did these men know where to turn?

They knew the answer was in prophecy. They consulted the words of the prophet Micah, who foretold that a ruler would come from Bethlehem. These scholars placed their trust in the words of this man who lived seven hundred years earlier. They knew little about him, and he played no significant role in history. He was not powerful, famous, or rich.

Why did they turn to Micah? Because they knew he had heard from God. His prophecy was so precise that he exactly described where they could find the baby. And the Magi found Him there, just as Micah had foretold.

This is the impact of prophecy. Prophecy is given to people who live in time by a God who exists beyond time. The Bible is filled with prophecies. Some have been fulfilled. Others have not been – yet.

All Bible prophecies are true and precise! They can give you insights into current and future events. As you read God’s Word, study its prophecies. Seek His insights and understanding. His words can guide you and give you the perspective you need.