Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Every day, we hear promises – performance guaranteed by-products, claims in advertisements or sales pitches, and what we can expect from relationships.

The Bible reminds us why our human perceptions can be wrong. Going along with the crowd and doing what seems popular leads to pitfalls. We can’t trust just anyone. We should not be like Eve who was lured into doubting God and depending on her own desires (Genesis 3:1-7). We should trust completely in Him.

Paul challenged us to look back with honesty and realize how often we have ignored God and done what we wanted. We’ve done things because they seemed popular and believed what others promised. We’ve been disappointed often, and many times results did not fulfill our expectations. We sometimes regretted our decisions.

The Bible reminds us that our human perceptions are flawed. Our understanding is limited. We often do things because we feel compelled by our human nature. But, thanks to Jesus, we no longer are slaves to these pressures. We don’t have to feel compelled to do what seems popular. The fact is that Jesus has set us free (v. 18).

Think about the things you will do and say today. Commit your choices to God. Seek to do His will and obey His Word. Ask Him for discernment. Remember, you are not obligated to go along with the crowd or serve your human desires. Through Jesus you are free!