Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Saul was facing a crisis. But he didn’t realize the gravity of his situation or the impact of the decisions he was making.

As Israel’s king, he had been told by the Lord to attack Amalek and “utterly destroy all that they have.” After God gave them victory, they eliminated “everything despised and worthless” but spared the king and the best of their possessions.

Saul felt justified by this action. Yet, in God’s sight, he had revealed that he couldn’t be trusted. Why? Because he was willing to reinterpret God’s Word.

Saul revealed that he placed everything into two categories: Things he felt were “despised and worthless” and other things he considered valuable. But, in this process, he ignored God’s command and revealed that he was not obeying His instructions unconditionally. Clearly, some things were deemed more important than heeding God’s Word.

Each day, we have choices to make that are similar to those made by Saul. We have been given God’s Word, but we also have decisions to make about our own priorities and what we will do and say. It is possible to think we are obeying God when, in fact, we have placed a higher value on the things of this world: Our reputation and desires…or our possessions and pleasures.

In all these things, we need to ask ourselves if we’re truly following Jesus (Mark 8:34). Have we really made Him our Lord? Or have we placed qualifications on our obedience? Do we merely follow Him when it’s convenient, reserving the right to make our own decisions in the end?

Ask God to help you learn from Saul’s mistakes. Remember: The Lord is looking at your heart. As Saul learned, He delights in those who obey Him with their whole heart, without reservation.