Priorities and Perspective

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Even though he had led Israel to victory, Gideon refused to rule over Israel. He would not even allow his son to rule. Further, he acknowledged that God alone should govern them. Gideon seemed to have the right priorities. But, then, he seemed to be tempted by the rewards and riches that had resulted from their victories. And everything changed.

Perhaps he had a sense of entitlement, thinking that he had earned the right to rule. Perhaps power and success went to his head. Perhaps he just felt that he deserved to be rewarded.

In any case, suddenly he seemed to forget that He owed everything to God. He collected earrings and built an ephod. This man who started out in humble service to God created an idol which “became a snare to Gideon and his family,” and led his people into idolatry.

How easily we can fall into the same trap that snared Gideon. How easily we can focus on ourselves, seek rewards from the world, or become distracted by possessions or the praise of other people. But God wants us to remember that we owe everything to Him. We must remain humble and grateful to Him, and have the attitude of a servant.

Do not allow the things of this world to snare you, or be distracted by its praise, honors, and rewards. Remember to honor God with your time, talent, and treasure. Remain humble before Him, and be careful to give Him all the praise and glory.