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How does God speak to us? How does He get our attention?

During the time of the prophet Ezekiel, He often spoke in “riddles” and “parables.” These verbal pictures and stories were designed to help them look at their lives in fresh ways. To recognize their mistakes.

One of those pictures involved two adulterous sisters and a marriage relationship. One sister, Oholah, symbolized Israel. The other, Oholibah, symbolized Judah.

In the story, both sisters were particularly deceived by appearances. Like her sister, Oholibah was guilty of lusting after Assyrians and Chaldeans. In particular, she was attracted to the splendor of their warriors. The pomp and pageantry. The men who were “desirable” and “magnificently dressed.”

Yet they did not realize they had been deceived. They had caved in to the cravings of their flesh. They had become blinded to the conditions of their heart, and didn’t realize they had abandoned God corrupting their values.

Eventually their lovers would forsake them. Riding on those same horses that had been so impressive, the armies of the nations would attack, and defeat them. God continued to love His people but warned that they would be penalized for their “lewdness” and “sins of idolatry.”

Today, many people have similar problems. They follow what seems popular, and ideas that seem attractive. They do things that they think will bring pleasure and fulfillment. Yet, in the process, they have abandoned God. They have forgotten Biblical truth.

This parable has profound implications for us. It warns us how easily we can be deceived. It reminds us why we need to focus on God, and always obey His Word.