Presumptions and Assumptions

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Conflicts were intensifying between Babylon and Egypt. Judah was caught in the middle, with land desired by both. Inevitably, Egypt decided to attack.

Faced with the approaching Egyptian army, Josiah, king of Judah, had a choice of how to respond. Sadly, there is no indication that he looked to God for help or wisdom. He even ignored Egypt’s king who said that he did not intend to engage Judah in battle. Instead, Josiah determined to “make war with him.” In the resulting conflict, Judah was defeated, and Josiah was killed.

Why did Josiah do these things? Why would he go into battle without seeking God? Perhaps he was overconfident or just assumed that God would bless him, no matter what he did. But he paid for this decision with his life.

In similar ways, each of us faces challenges. Conflicts. Problems. Choices. The question is, in the day of battle, how will we react? Will we seek God first or presume to go our own way? Will we assume we know His will? Will we follow our human reason?

The Bible makes clear that the right choice is to start with God. To seek Him first. To look to Him for guidance, protection, and wisdom.

Today, what challenges are you facing? What decisions do you need to make? Make sure you do not depend on your own wisdom, or presume to know God’s will. Commit every situation to Him. Read His Word, and apply its principles. Pray and seek Him, and listen to His voice.