Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David was convinced. Genuinely desiring to honor God, he wanted to build a great house for His presence. The prophet Nathan agreed with his plan and even confirmed his sense that God approved.

Sure that God was with David, Nathan assumed that this plan must have been pleasing to Him. But there was a problem: This plan of David was not God’s plan. Before David could take any action, God communicated that although He wanted a “house” to be built, David was not to be the builder.

As we study this story, it is humbling to realize that Nathan and David, both Godly, spiritually mature men, incorrectly presumed to know the Lord’s will.

Here we are reminded that God is sovereign. He has His own plans, and also His own timetable. Often His thoughts are not our thoughts. We can’t just assume that our plans are the same as His plans, even when our plans are well-intentioned and make sense to us.

This story shows that we can be wrong, even if we think we have the right motives. For any of us, it’s possible to make the wrong decisions, draw the wrong conclusions, or go places He does not want us to go.

Each of us should be careful not to presume that we know God’s will. We must remember why it is so important to submit our thoughts to Him and stay sensitive to His Spirit.

Learn from the lessons God taught to David and Nathan. Humble yourself before Him, and seek His will. Commit to Him every situation you face, and every decision you must make. Instead of leaning on your own understanding, put your trust in the Lord, confident that He will direct your path (Proverbs 3:5-6).