Prepared to Be Mighty

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When the Bible summarized his life, Jotham was described as “mighty.” The Hebrew word suggests that he was strong and courageous. That he knew how to persevere, and could be resolute in the face of difficulties.

Many might have wondered why he was so successful. His skills? His education? His resources? His ideas? His family history? These might have been contributing factors. But the Bible says that Jotham became mighty “because he prepared his ways before the Lord his God.”

This kind of might did not just happen automatically. It required preparation. The Hebrew word is used to describe erecting a building by establishing a strong foundation. This would have been how Jotham became “mighty” in God’s sight.

He realized his dependence on God. He learned His Word, and sought to walk in His ways. He had to be faithful to fulfill his calling, to lead his people in ways that would be pleasing to God.

To be steadfast and focused.

These same principles apply to us, if we want to be prepared and “mighty” in God’s sight. We do this by being humble in His sight, and recognizing our need of Him. By knowing His Word, and putting its principles into practice. By spending time in prayer and seeking first His Kingdom. By making Jesus our Lord and seeking to follow His leading in our lives. By being good listeners, sensitive to His Spirit.

If you want God to bless you and grant you success, open your heart to Him. Seek to know Him more intimately. Pour yourself into His Word and make it the standard of your life.

Dedicate your resources to His Kingdom and seek to serve Him with everything you have.

And seek to be “prepared.” Confident that He will grant you success, and make you mighty in His sight.