Prepared for Victory

Prepared for Victory

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The time had come for the children of Israel to take possession of the Promised Land. This meant moving forward to face the formidable forces that occupied the land. Joshua knew they needed to be ready. Without this preparation, they could not achieve success. And because they were prepared and took the right steps, they were victorious.

Many Christians experience defeat because they are not prepared spiritually. How can we be ready? The Bible tells us that preparation starts with an intimate relationship with God. We must be committed to prayer. We must be watchful and persevering. We must trust Him and stand on His Word.

This preparation means continually seeking God’s discernment and staying attuned to the Spirit. It means letting Him guide and direct us. And it means acting on faith. Boldly trust Him, be filled with faith, and don’t be paralyzed by fear, worry, or doubt (Ephesians 6:10-19).

Today, don’t allow circumstances to fill you with doubt and fear. The Bible assures us that God wants to lead and bless us. Make sure you are ready and confident in Him. Don’t be confused or spiritually weak.

Fill your mind with His Word and put its principles into action. Pray with intensity about every situation you face, seeking God’s strength, power, and wisdom. Be sure that you are sensitive to His leading. Let Him guide you into victory. Trust in Him.