Prepared for Challenges

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Even during times of general peace, King Asa felt that Judah needed to be prepared for possible attacks. So he built fortified cities. Yet, in spite of these preparations, Judah was overwhelmed when the Ethiopians attacked with a huge army.

Faced with what seemed like an inevitable defeat, Asa turned to God. This crisis reminded them of how much they needed Him, and how futile it was just to rely on their weapons and resources.

And because they trusted Him, and not their own strength, resources, or abilities, God gave them an overwhelming victory.

In our lives, we can face difficulties and problems that seem overwhelming and obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. But we need to realize that no problem is too great for God to solve.

We can turn to Him, and have faith and confidence that He will help us.

Today, ask God to help you to be prepared for the challenges of your life. For any problems and difficulties you face. You may find yourself in situations that seem overwhelming.

You feel opposition from the world and Satan. But you can trust in God.

Make sure that you are not depending on the world or your own strength, but are living in obedience to His commands. That He is the Lord of your life.

Commit your problems and needs to Him, and ask Him for the wisdom, resources, and power you need. Have confidence that He hears you. That He is with you. That He will answer your prayers, and give you victory!