Prepared and Called

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Before Jeremiah ever delivered a message, God gave him a detailed description of the way his life would unfold.

First, God reminded Jeremiah that He “formed” him in the womb. This means that He shaped his mind and emotions. His interests and habits. His appearance and character traits. Jeremiah had been given unique talents and abilities so he could accomplish specific goals. His appointment? To be a prophet to the nations.

Jeremiah wasn’t just selected from a list of candidates. For God had prepared and “consecrated” him. God “knew” him even before he was conceived. This was not a random assignment, but a work for God. A work of holiness. A work requiring dedication and commitment. And Jeremiah had to understand that he was separated by God to accomplish this assignment.

Receiving this perspective from God should have given Jeremiah a sense of purpose and destiny. His life was not an accident. In fact, He knew that, to find fulfillment and satisfaction, he simply had to follow God’s plans.

While these levels of preparation were true for Jeremiah, they also are true for each of us. We need to realize that God has formed us as individuals. We are not accidents but have been designed with unique personalities and appearances. With special characteristics, habits, and interests.

This was part of His design long before we were born. And we all have specific appointments and special callings. And we will find joy and fulfillment from serving Him, and completing the appointments for which we were created.

This was the key for Jeremiah, and it is for you. Submit your life to God. Let Him direct your steps. Seek to serve Him. Focus on your appointment, and that you might find fulfillment.