Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

How would people live differently if they really believed that one day they would face God and give account of everything they have done? If they realized that a book is being written about their lives filled with their deeds, how would it impact their daily living?

The Bible makes it clear: Each of us will stand before God, and the books on our lives will be opened. Nothing will be hidden, and we will be “judged from the things which were written.” This means being evaluated according to the things we have done and the words we have spoken. The secret things and the public things. Our gestures and actions at home and hanging out with friends. The things we say when we are happy and sad. The reactions when we are angry or worried. Every sin we commit. Every idle word we speak. Every thought.

As you approach your life, remember this truth. Think about the things you will do today, and realize that you will give an account of everything when you stand before Him one day. This should be a sobering thought.

If you are ready, there is no reason to fear. In fact, the Bible gives us this account so we might take action now to be ready. Consider the implications of standing before God as you make your decisions. Remember, be careful how you live. Seek to be ready to face God.