Preaching Christ

Preaching Christ

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Although born in Delaware in colonial America, Samuel Davies retained the flavor of his family’s Welsh background. One commentator observed that as a pastor and evangelist, he delivered sermons “with all the pathos of his Welsh soul.”

From his youth, he sensed God’s call on his life. He owed much of that sense to the faith of his parents. He once said, “I am a son of prayer, like my namesake, Samuel. My mother called me Samuel because, she said, I have asked him of the Lord.”

Davies impacted thousands of people, including Patrick Henry, who played a key role during the America Revolution. As a boy, Henry often heard Davies preach and acknowledged his influence. In addition, pastors throughout the world studied his sermons, published in the United States and in England.

Frequently sick, he might have been tempted to cut back his efforts. But Davies would let nothing deter him from preaching. In fact, he found strength in being faithful to his call. He once wrote, “In my sickness, I found the unspeakable importance of a Mediator in a religion for sinners.” He found all his sufficiency in Christ! What was his message? “It is Jesus whom you preach.” He is “an all-sufficient Savior. None but Christ, none but Christ!”

The world needs people with this relentless passion for the Gospel who focus on serving Christ and making Him known. Dedicate your life to God and His Kingdom.