Preaching Christ

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

William Grimshaw was born in Brindle (northwest England) on this day in 1708. Although he grew up in church, while in college he associated with worldly friends and began drinking heavily. Yet he became a minister, primarily because it promised a good salary.

Even though he was a pastor, he spent much time playing cards, hunting, fishing, and drinking. Then tragedy struck in 1734 when a young couple in his church lost a baby. His only guidance was that they enjoy themselves and forget their sorrow.

Disappointed by this counsel, he began to examine his life and what he had become. He felt like someone who has “looked into the bottomless pit, has seen his own offences.” During those “melancholy months of my soul’s sorrow for sin,” his wife died. Sinking deeper into despair, Grimshaw turned to prayer and Bible study. As a result, his life was changed, and he began pointing people to Jesus.

He moved to Haworth (a village east of Brindle), where most people were poor and indifferent to the Gospel. In this challenging environment, Grimshaw recommitted his life to Christ.

Traveling throughout the region, he experienced much opposition and often was beaten and abused. Yet his preaching began to have greater power, and people began flocking to church. Word spread that a revival was taking place. His messages often were marked with practical illustrations, but he always focused on the Bible. Quoting Paul, he vowed always to preach Christ.

Looking back on his life, he only regretted that “he had done so little for Jesus” while “his greatest joy that Jesus had done so much for him.” After his last meeting with Grimshaw, John Wesley observed, “A few such as him would make a nation tremble. He carries fire wherever he goes!”

Grimshaw is a powerful example of the power of God to transform lives. Ask the Lord to transform your life.