Prayers that Matter

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Do our prayers really matter? Even Believers who pray regularly may have doubts, wondering if God really cares about them or hears their prayers.

We can wonder if Anna ever had these thoughts. If she candidly evaluated herself, she might have wondered if her life really mattered to anyone, or even to God.

Although a “prophetess,” Anna did not seem to have credibility in the eyes of the world. She did not seem to be well known or have connections with political or religious leaders. In fact, her life had been marked by personal tragedy, as a longtime widow.

The only noteworthy fact about her was her commitment to God. She always was in His house, totally dedicated to prayer, fasting, and giving thanks. It did not seem to matter what other people thought. She simply focused on God and devoted herself to serving Him.

Anna might not have mattered to anyone else, but it was clear that she mattered to God. He honored her, allowing her to be among the few to see the baby Jesus. He had heard her prayers and seen the commitment of her heart. And He rewarded her for her faithfulness.

Over history, others have had a similar testimony. These men and women of all ages and all backgrounds have had this in common: They weren’t concerned with their reputations but simply were devoted to serving God. Their lives were focused on serving Him…praising Him…and thanking Him. They were committed to prayer, and they prayed with faith and persistence. They interceded for the needs of others and for the advance of God’s Kingdom throughout the world.