Practical Examples

Practical Examples

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Bruce Catton was known as a storyteller. Some wrote dry, dull history, but Catton mastered the art of writing memorable stories. He listened carefully to men and women and then sought to capture the drama and details of their experiences.

Born on this day in 1889, Catton employed this approach while listening to veterans of the American Civil War. This process helped him produce factual books that were also fascinating, filled with vivid events and characters.

For example, his account of the Battle of Fredericksburg focused on the time when the rival armies camped on opposite sides of the Rappahannock River. He didn’t just describe the fighting, but he also explored the human dimension.

He told how men on both sides exchanged food and gossiped about events. Soldiers united in spontaneous song with Northerners singing songs of the South, and Southerners singing Northern favorites. Bands from both armies together played “Home, Sweet Home.” In those unforgettable moments, the war seemed to mean little to these 150,000 soldiers as they sat in an emotional silence. In the pen of a master like Catton, stories like these added color and depth to his accounts.

Jesus knew the importance of stories. Stories were central to His ministry. He sought to communicate principles in practical ways.

He provides an example for us of sharing the Gospel, so people understand what is important. Seek to tell the story of Jesus in ways that impact lives.