Powerful Prayer

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many had embraced sin. The country, in fact, was overrun with idol worship. Yet staying true to God, Elijah was ready to obey when he was called, in the face of risk and danger.

Prepared and ready, he challenged those who served Baal to a contest. He defied them to prove that their god was real. Even though completely outnumbered, he stood his ground.

His prayer provides a wonderful model for us to examine. First, he focused on God. Elijah could be bold because he was confident in that relationship. He knew that he was serving God. He reminded Him that he had been faithful. He desired that God would receive glory and honor, and that others would “know that you, O Lord, are God.”

The result was a mighty miracle. And God answered Elijah’s prayer in a powerful way.

If you ever wonder how to have a more effective prayer life, there is much to be learned from Elijah’s example.

First, make sure to remember to focus on God, not yourself or your personal interests but on Him.

Remember that prayer is part of an intimate relationship with Him. Make sure that you are confident in that relationship. Be sure that your heart and mind are filled with His Word.

How sure are you in your relationship with God? Spend quality time in His Word. Listen and be sensitive to His leading. Seek to serve Him with your life, and be faithful to fulfill His calling. Make prayer a central part of your life. Be ready to believe Him for miracles.