The Great Power of God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Each year, millions of people worldwide hear performances of “The Messiah,” by George Frederick Handel. However, many don’t realize that this was but one of several works Handel wrote on Biblical themes. Another of his most powerful oratorios was “Israel in Egypt,” which premiered in London in April 1739.

As with “The Messiah,” the words were compiled by Charles Jennens, a literary scholar and editor, who adapted the words from Exodus and several Psalms. Initially, many listeners seemed bothered by the number of pieces Handel had written for chorus, as they expected more operatic solos. But succeeding generations realized that Handel had written a masterpiece.

Through music and words, Handel tried to recreate the background, trials, and obstacles faced by the Jews during their exile in Egypt. He vividly portrayed the message that God gave to Moses and his confrontations with Pharaoh. We feel the agony of their struggles, and we experience the plagues. We join the Israelites in jubilant praise as God delivers them and brings salvation and freedom.

A key moment takes place at the end of the first part of the oratorio when the chorus proclaims the great words, as the children of Israel “believed the Lord and his servant Moses.”
Handel endeavored to depict through music and words the great power that God displayed and the overwhelming miracles that took place when His people believed that He could deliver them. They realized that, with God, nothing was impossible.

Today, God still is at work, and His miracle-working power is still available. It’s available for you! Ask Him for the miracles you need and have faith…do not doubt. Believe!