Power in Praying

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How did the ministry of Charles Finney bring revival throughout the United States in the 19th century? Finney believed that the most important ingredient he brought was prayer.

He focused on prayer wherever he went. In the fall of 1825, for example, he told a woman “in feeble health” in Oneida County, New York, to “kept praying more and more” until there was a breakthrough in her spirit. After intense prayer, she proclaimed, “God has come!” A revival broke out, and many lives were changed.

Finney learned about the power of prayer from his own personal experience. As soon as he arrived in a town, he would seek to find people who were dedicated to prayer. He knew that there could be no breakthroughs without prayer.

We see this principle in action after Finney arrived in Antwerp, New York. It was a place where few people had shown any interest in the things of God. But the evangelist still sought out praying people. All that could be identified were “two or three women in humble circumstances.” But Finney knew that this was all he needed. They started praying, and revival broke out.

These events parallel the experience of the early church. Their prayer meetings could be so powerful that the very room would shake. The Holy Spirit would fall, and all who were present would begin “to speak the word of God with boldness.”

God desires people to seek Him through dedicated, committed prayer. Our prayers can be powerful! One person, praying diligently, can change the course of nations. Two or three gathered together can move mountains. And whole congregations praying together can bring revival.

Today, remember that powerful things can happen when you pray.