Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

When Marco Polo arrived in China in 1275 AD, he discovered a multicultural empire filled with people with many religions. Yet their leader, Kublai Khan, had a strong interest in Christianity. His wife, in fact, was a Christian. He once told Polo that the Christian faith was “truer and better” and took precedent over other religions.

But when asked why he did not declare himself a Christian, Khan explained that he had seen that other religions had supernatural power. Christianity did not seem to have this kind of power. Based on his observations, he did not believe that faith in Christ would preserve him from attacks. He sensed that believers did not have real power.

Khan only was familiar with a Christianity filled with doctrines but without power. While respecting the teachings of Jesus, he could not wholeheartedly endorse the religion. What he wanted was something real and powerful. The kind of life described in the Bible. A life of power! Not weakness but strength, miracles, and the supernatural.

The world still looks for proof and validation. It looks for people with a vital faith who don’t just talk about belief, but put their faith into practice and whose lives are charged with the supernatural.

Today, don’t limit God, but let Him use you. Be ready to step out in faith. Remember, He is the Creator of the universe. Believe that He can equip you with real power.