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This was the day in 1867 when Swedish industrialist, Alfred Nobel, is said to have invented dynamite. This invention would help make him rich but also provided him with a troubling legacy. In fact, he became known as the “merchant of death.” Nobel’s inventions led to more destructive weapons and casualties.

In his later years, Nobel was troubled by his reputation. He felt an obligation to use his resources to do something positive, and that made a difference.

In his will, Nobel stipulated that income from his estate was to be used for awards recognizing people who had made valuable contributions to humanity. The first of these “Nobel Prizes” was presented in 1901, and to this day they are awarded every year, honoring significant contribution for economics, physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace.

Nobel changed the world with his discovery of dynamite and its destructive properties. But the Bible reminds us of a different kind of power—a supernatural power that can’t be invented, but which is available to all believers. In fact, the Greek word translated “power” throughout the New Testament actually is the source of the word “dynamite.”

Think about this. Jesus promised that His followers would receive dynamite-like power. The key was being filled with the Spirit, with power that came from God, flowing through us.

The Bible describes how this power was demonstrated in the lives of believers. Healing the sick (Acts 3:12). Testifying about the Gospel (Acts 4:33). Doing “extraordinary miracles” (Acts 19:11). Performing “signs and wonders” (Romans 15:18-19).

Today, remember that this same Spirit is available to You. Don’t allow your life to be crippled by doubt. Simply believe! Seek to be filled with the Spirit. And let God use you to change lives.