Possessing the Land

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As they looked to the future, the Israelites had many reasons to feel afraid. To be uncertain and worried. They were approaching a land occupied by people who lived in fortified cities. Who had established armies. Who seemed to have every advantage.

But God reminded them that He was with them. He promised to protect and provide for them. To give them victory. In fact, they had no reason to be afraid, for God had “put the dread and fear of you upon the nations under the whole heaven.”

However, they needed to believe His promises. To trust Him. To move forward in faith and act on their belief. They could be victorious only if they trusted Him. If they put His Promises into action.

In the same way, God has made many promises to us. Promises for health and healing, blessing and favor, protection and peace, victory and success! But we must decide whether or not we really believe them. The consequences are up to us, based on our decisions!

Many Christians know these promises but don’t experience the benefits. And they wonder why. Many have not applied these promises or moved forward in faith. They don’t realize that God has given them choices. That they can trust and obey Him. But if they go their own way, they won’t receive His full blessings.

In your life, make sure that you know His promises. Fill your mind with His Word. Believe that what He said is true. Then, put your faith into action and begin to possess the land. Don’t doubt, but believe God for victory. Marching forward confidently and boldly.