Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Politics was about gaining personal and familial success.” Scholar Adrian Goldsworthy used these words to describe life in ancient Rome. But they easily could describe politics in any country and any era. Through politics, many people have attempted to hold power and gain personal achievement, success, and control.

Adolf Hitler represented an extreme application of this attitude. He once said, “I recognize no moral law in politics. Politics is a game, in which every sort of trick is permissible, and in which the rules are constantly being changed by the players to suit themselves.” This, in fact, is how many politicians approach their lives.

But Daniel presents a different model. He spent his life as a servant, seeking first God’s Kingdom and being trustworthy in everything he did. When others resorted to tricks and tried to bring him down, Daniel remained faithful and refused to compromise. He prayed diligently and remained a man of principle.

Daniel had to persevere through times of persecution, but eventually the political games and conspiracies of his enemies failed. Their lies were exposed. God protected Daniel, and he gained even greater respect and was promoted to the pinnacle of power.

Today, what advice would Daniel give you? First, no matter what others do, you don’t have to resort to manipulation or tricks. Instead, commit yourself to being a person of integrity. Faithfully seek to serve God and others. Develop a deep personal relationship with Him. Be ready to persevere, and never compromise. Devote yourself to prayer. Be willing to get involved. Stand for biblical principles. Vote. Speak out. Don’t be silent!