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Philipp Jakob Spener lived at a time when many emphasized a more formal religion. But Spener felt what was most important was spiritual renewal by individual believers. Born in France on this day in 1635, he became known as the father of German pietism, reflecting his belief in the importance of Bible study and a life of personal devotion.

Spener felt that positive change depended upon the lives of individuals, their relationship with God, their commitment to seek Him, and live in ways that please Him. His views were not always popular. He wanted people to realize that it wasn’t enough to attend church services. For growth and maturity, believers needed to know the Word and know God themselves.

He tried to lead by example, seeking to live with discipline and purity. As a pastor of several churches, he stressed the need for believers to meet for times of prayer, study, fellowship. and personal devotion.

A prolific writer, Spener published hundreds of letters, sermons, and other documents. Through these materials, he encouraged believers to realize the importance of individual purity.

The Bible reminds us that God looks at our hearts. Each of us must stand before God and give an account of our lives. Commit to seeking to mature as a believer. Draw close to God through times of Bible study and prayer. Ask Him to help you live a life of purity, pleasing to Him.