Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The psalmist faced many problems. Subjects that inspired fear and worry. He couldn’t stop thinking about them, becoming more worried, disturbed, and troubled.

But he wanted everyone to know he had found an approach that really helped. We can feel his excitement: “Listen to this, all you people! Pay attention, everyone in the world! High and low, rich and poor – listen!”

He found answers by listening to “many proverbs.” By filling his mind with God’s Word. He started thinking more about God than his problems. He sought His guidance and principles.

He also discovered help through music. While listening carefully to “many proverbs,” he found himself expressing his thoughts on the harp. As a musician, David would have found that this expression had great impact.

It wasn’t that this music itself solved his problems, but it did help him work through issues, and even change his feelings. He could “express” his feelings musically, as an outlet for struggle. He could find himself able to “solve riddles with inspiration from a harp.” Or “solve my riddle to the music of the harp” (NRSV). This music provided the context for his spiritual struggles.

By turning to God and His Word, he found relief. As he played and listened to music his heart became calmer. He could stop obsessing about problems, and could ask, “Why should I fear when trouble comes, when enemies surround me?”

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with worry? Plagued with problems? Restless? Perhaps even unable to sleep? Consider what David learned. First, fill your heart and mind with God’s Word. Declare His promises to be true for you. Stand on these promises.

As He leads, seek music that can still your heart and calm your emotions. That can help remind you of God’s presence and promises to you.