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“Do you really expect to make an impression on the … great Chinese empire?” This seemed like a logical question to US President James Madison when he was visited by Robert Morrison in 1807. Morrison answered, “No, sir, but I expect God will.”

Morrison was on his way from England to China, where he would become the first Protestant missionary to that country. He knew challenges would be great, but that God could do all things through him.

Even though confident, he experienced enormous difficulties in China, including strong opposition. But, like Paul, he persevered. He struggled to learn Chinese but eventually mastered both Cantonese and Mandarin, even translating the Bible into those languages.

When he died, on this day in 1834, he knew of only three native Christians throughout China. But his pioneering work opened the door for other missionaries and led to the salvation of thousands of souls.

You may face difficulties. You may wonder if there ever will be fruit or an impact from your life. If you have doubts or questions, remember the examples of Robert Morrison and Paul. Both faced many adversaries but persevered. They stayed faithful to complete His call. They kept believing, obeying God, and sowing seeds for the Gospel.

If you face challenges, don’t give up, but persevere. Keep praying for the lost and for people around you. Stay faithful to the tasks to which God has called you.