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“They crush Your people, O Lord, and afflict Your heritage . . . They have said, ‘The Lord does not see, nor does the God of Jacob pay heed.’ Pay heed, you senseless among the people . . . He who chastens the nations, will He not rebuke, even He who teaches man knowledge? The Lord knows the thoughts of man, that they are a mere breath.” Psalm 94:5-11 NASB

The “Boxer Rebellion” began in China on this day in 1900. This was the culmination of growing resentment many Chinese had toward foreigners, especially Christians. A secret group, the “Society of Righteousness and Harmony” (or “Boxers”), began to terrorize missionaries. Over time, their attacks became more bold and open.

In 1900, bands of Boxers entered the city of Beijing. Foreign governments sent a small army to protect their citizens and property, leading to a major confrontation. A few days later, there was a general uprising, and many foreigners and Chinese took refuge near foreign embassies. The siege was broken when a large army of British, French, Japanese, Russian, German, and American troops occupied Beijing on August 14, 1900. A peace treaty was signed on September 7, 1901. But resentment grew toward foreigners, particularly Christians.

When the Communists gained power in China in 1949, they ruthlessly repressed Christianity. Millions of Believers were killed, imprisoned, or persecuted. Today, there are millions of Christians in China. But persecution continues, and some have been forced to risk their lives for their faith.

Today, millions around the world continue to pay a high price to follow Jesus. Many have been martyred. Many have suffered because they will not compromise. Pray for these persecuted Believers. Dedicate yourself to the cause of worldwide evangelism. And stand strong in your life. Never compromising.


Prayer: Father, I pray for those Christians who are suffering for their faith. I dedicate my life to bring the Gospel to the world. I commit my time, talent, and treasure to You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.