Who Can Perform Miracles?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

To the Jewish leaders, it was clear that Peter and John were not educated. They were possibly illiterate and certainly “untrained” (using a Greek word that is the source of our English word “idiot”). The leaders felt that these two were certainly not qualified to understand the Law, the Prophets, or their traditions, let alone to teach or preach. After all, these Galileans had been simple fishermen.

Yet it could not be denied that amazing things were happening. Thousands had responded to Peter’s sermon on the Day of Pentecost. Miracles had been performed. In fact, standing next to them was a beggar who had been healed (v. 14).

The Bible tells us two very important things about Peter and John. They had been “with Jesus,” and they were confident in their message.

Right now, how confident are you? People around you may be skeptical, placing limits on what God can do. You may feel that your problems are too big, that God can’t help you, or that miracles can’t take place today.

You may even feel inadequate or unworthy to be used by God, like you don’t have the right skills or background. But, as Peter and John proved, God can use anyone—young or old, educated or illiterate, rich or poor, male or female.

So, what must you do in order to experience God’s miracles? Like Peter and John, spend time with Jesus. Learn from Him. Make Him your Lord. Study God’s Word, and make it the standard of your life. And remember to be filled with the Holy Spirit, depending on His power.

As you do these things, you will gain confidence. Never, ever, limit God. Be bold, for all things are possible.