Perfected in Weakness

Perfected in Weakness

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Born in Bonn in 1770, Ludwig van Beethoven burst onto the world’s musical stage with brilliance and charisma, first as a piano virtuoso and later as a master composer. Then, when only 28, he began to lose his hearing. Driven to despair, he pleaded with God for relief, but his hearing continued to deteriorate.

Although frustrated, he discovered that his physical hearing loss made it possible to hear in new ways. He wrote a series of unprecedented compositions, culminating in his Ninth Symphony, which debuted on this day in 1824 with Beethoven leading the world premiere. His conducting might have been erratic, yet the music was glorious. There was a deaf composer whose work changed history.

Paul knew what it was like to have weaknesses. But God showed him that His grace was sufficient, that His strength was “made perfect in weakness.” Instead of complaining, Paul learned to rely on God.

You may face challenges that seem impossible. You may have weaknesses that can feel crippling. But as Paul learned, your weaknesses give you an opportunity to turn to God and trust in Him.

Today, look to God for the resources you need. Stand on the principles of His Word. Pray. Draw on the power of His Spirit. Believe. He can provide solutions to problems that seem unsolvable and give you the strength to overcome any weakness. Trust in Him!