Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

We live in a world filled with stress. We feel it at work, as we drive, in politics and business, as we ponder our finances, and even in our churches. Worry can overwhelm us in every area of our lives. Each of us faces many opportunities to succumb to these forces. We might feel pressure to generate results or measure up to the achievements of others. We might be anxious about family members, our jobs, or our finances. We may feel uncertain about the decisions we need to make or demands placed on us. We may be worried about what others think about us or just concerned about the future.

In all these situations, God promises an oasis, a place of “perfect peace.” This is a place where anxiety, stress, fear, and worry are banished, where there is only room for peace because here God rules supreme.

The Bible says that we can experience this peace if our minds are “stayed on” God. This means that we totally rest in Him, completely lean upon Him. We don’t allow worry to build up but continually practice trusting in Him.

We will still go through challenging situations. We will still have to go to work, drive our cars, and face uncertainties. But if we trust in God, we can depend on His everlasting strength and have His wisdom. And our lives can be filled with His perfect peace!