Paul’s New Beginning

Paul’s New Beginning

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Saul was confident that he correctly understood God and His Word. He had many reasons for his confidence – years of training, a zealous commitment to Judaism, and knowledge of traditions taught by generations of religious scholars.

Suddenly, everything changed. A light from heaven “flashed around him” with an impact so strong that he fell to the ground. Then, he heard a voice – It was Jesus Himself! In this amazing moment, Saul did not know what it all meant or what to do.

Blinded by the light, this man, previously so self-sufficient, found himself being led by others to a house in Damascus. In his weakness, Paul knew that he needed God’s revelation. He needed a new start.

He learned that God wanted to use everything that had happened in his past – his experiences, all that he had been taught, and his gifts and abilities. But God wanted to point this in a new direction to give him new insights, a new anointing, new power, and even a new name, Paul.

Today at the beginning of a new year, realize that there is much more for you to learn. You can learn to be free from habits that block the flow of God’s power, shake yourself out of ruts, open your eyes to new possibilities, and give you greater breakthroughs.

Offer yourself to Him. Cry out for wisdom. Let Him change you.