Paul’s Confidence

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In the midst of a life-threatening storm, Paul was able to keep calm. Surrounded by people who were terrified, he knew precisely what to do. How did he become so confident?

First, Paul had an intimate relationship with God. He knew Him personally. He knew that he could trust Him. He knew how to hear His voice and be led by His Spirit.

Strengthened by this relationship, Paul had perspective on what God was doing. He had sent an angel to Paul who assured him of His plan. Thus Paul could be at peace while others were filled with worry and fear. Everything made sense to Paul, and he was not overwhelmed by the circumstances.

God had given Paul specific directions. At every point, Paul knew exactly what everyone on the ship was to do. He gave directions decisively and clearly. This was a confidence that “encouraged” all the people. They saw that Paul was above the storm and had a vision for their future. He could be trusted and knew the right thing to do. Hence, they willingly followed him.

Throughout this experience, Paul pointed people to God and gave God the glory. Even as the wind was throwing the ship around and no hope was in sight, Paul broke bread, giving thanks to God.

As Paul’s experience demonstrates, the time to gain confidence in God is before we enter the storms. This is why we need to be people of prayer. To fill our hearts and minds with His Word. To seek always to be led by the Spirit.