Patterns for Living

Patterns for Living

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For nearly 200 years, music teachers have treasured the contributions of Carl Czerny. Born in Austria on this day in 1791, Czerny distinguished himself as a pianist and composer but achieved his greatest impact as a teacher.

After displaying natural abilities as a child, Czerny was just 11 when he began studying under Ludwig van Beethoven. An excellent student, Czerny memorized all of Beethoven’s compositions, and even wrote a commentary on his music. Impressed, Beethoven selected Czerny to play the premiere performances of two major compositions.

When just 15, Czerny decided not to pursue a career as a pianist, opting to focus on teaching. Clearly, he had an amazing gift. His approach was distinctive, demonstrated in the volumes of music he designed for his pupils.

Czerny’s methods were so successful that they have remained at the core of the curriculum to this day. Generations of musicians owe much of their development to his exercises and ideas.

As Czerny provided a helpful pattern for piano students, each of us faces similar issues about our lives. How do we develop? How do we mature and fulfill our potential? How do we know what to do? How do we make decisions?

God has given us the clear blueprint for success, found in His Word and our relationship with Him. This is a lifelong process, a commitment that should never end. Studying His Word. Applying His principles. Seeking His direction. Praying. Submitting our lives to Him.