Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was an advertisement that would change history. It appeared on this day in 1822 in the Missouri Gazette & Public Advertiser. It announced the search for 100 men “to ascend the river Missouri on its source, there to be employed for one, two, or three years.”

The goal was to attract men who would search the American West for fur. Those who responded were among the most important explorers in American history.

These men accomplished their initial goal, revolutionizing the fur-trading industry. But they accomplished far more. History books paint a more glamorous picture of men who came later, but, in reality, it was these mountain men who discovered countless rivers, mountains, valleys, and other landmarks. They also gave names to places that are quite familiar to us today.

But the risks were high, and a heavy price was paid. Many men lost their lives.

Because of their heroic adventures, these men opened up territories that previously had been unexplored. As one historian commented, they were the true “pathfinders.” Other men might have received more attention and credit, but these were the real pioneers.

These explorers were willing to leave familiar surroundings to journey into the unknown, not even knowing how long they would be gone.

In the spiritual realm, this is like our journey of faith as Believers. God calls us to follow Him and go where He leads. We are called to be like Abraham, who left everything to follow God, “without knowing where he was going.”

All of us are called to take this journey. We must trust in God, day by day. We must follow Him, moment by moment. Instead of seeking our joys and comforts in the things that surround us, we must be willing to follow Him anywhere, trusting Him in every situation.