A Passion for Souls

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Herbert Tovey dedicated his life to serving the Lord. Born in Australia in 1888, he later moved to the United States, where he studied at Moody Bible Institute. He later taught at three separate Bible schools and pastored several churches. Tovey also became an important hymnwriter.

In 1914, Tovey wrote a hymn called “Give Me a Passion for Souls.” This expressed the longing of his heart and his conviction to reach the world with the Gospel. Through this hymn, he prayed that God would give him a passion for the Lost.

He knew how easily we can become so absorbed in our own interests. But Tovey knew that Believers have a higher calling. He prayed, “Jesus, I long, I long to be winning men who are lost, and constantly sinning; O may this hour be one of beginning the story of pardon to tell.”

Tovey knew that evangelism was not popular with some people and that Believers might experience opposition when they share their testimony. But he was determined to be faithful to God’s call: “Though there are dangers untold and stern confronting me in the way, willingly still would I go, nor turn, but trust Thee for grace each day.”

In your life, remember the opportunities that God has given you to share your testimony, and impact the lives of others. Ask God to open your eyes to the needs in the world around you.

Don’t be content to spend your time and energy on your personal pleasures. Remember that God has blessed you that you might be a blessing to others. Ask Him to give you a passion for Souls. Allow Him to open doors for you to share your faith. And be willing to give of your time, talent, and treasure to spread the Gospel.