Partiality and Favoritism

Partiality and Favoritism

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Cultivating relationships that seem beneficial to us is understandable and almost inevitable. We tend to make decisions based on ways we think others can help us.

But the Bible encourages us to realize that pleasing God is more important than any human factor. We must seek first His Kingdom and always follow Biblical principles. This means not being governed by “an attitude of personal favoritism.” It is, in fact, realizing that partiality is a sin.

In describing favoritism and partiality, James used a Greek word relating to the face. He was warning against being motivated by external appearances and favoring someone because of their wealth, rank, or position. These biases can corrupt our hearts. What is most important is our faith and relationship with Jesus.

Instead of being blinded by external conditions, we should realize how worldly things can distract us and get our focus off serving God and living according to His Word.

God looks at the world in different ways. In His sight, those living in remote regions are just as dear as real estate moguls who control vast amounts of property. People dwelling in poverty are just as important as powerful politicians are. He cares equally for people in all denominations, even those with different theologies.

Ask God to help you recognize ways you may be guilty of favoritism. Seek to be transformed by His Spirit, to walk in His ways, and to point everyone toward Jesus.