Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

A famed writer once commented, “You can choose your friends, but you can have only one mother.”

For many, family relationships can be complicated matters. This can be true of relationships with mothers or fathers, grandparents or grandchildren, or any other relative.

Some people have harmonious family relationships and wonderful times of fellowship. For others, these relationships have become shaped by hostility and division. There are hurt feelings and complex histories. Instead of providing moments of joy and warmth, their interactions are cold and unpleasant.

Some appreciate and respect their parents for the way they influenced their lives. For the things they taught them, the lifestyle they encouraged, and the way they enforced discipline. But among others, the same subjects can evoke resentment and even anger.

The Bible reminds us that no one is perfect. All of us make mistakes. This is true of every parent and every child. The Bible encourages us to remember the special responsibility of being a parent, and also the attitude we are to have as children toward our parents. These principles are true at every stage of life.

Regardless of your age or past, remember that God looks at your attitude. Your actions. Ask Him to give you a spirit of gratitude toward your parents, to help you be the best son or daughter you can be, and to help you be the very best parent or friend. Ask God to help you realize the impact that you can make even through small gestures, how you can brighten the day for someone who feels alone and lonely, and how you can help heal broken relationships.

Ask God to help you be sensitive to the opportunities He provides, to be His witness in the lives of others, through expressions of gratitude and the dedication of your time and energy.